The Excursion Program was developed in response to members’ replies to our survey question regarding preferred activities. Many of our participants expressed a desire to get together for a day and just “go somewhere”. When we looked further into this request, it was evident that a significant number had neither the financial means nor access to transportation that would enable them to participate in an outing.

The Board therefore, approved an inaugural budget, set some parameters and sought out a willing volunteer to put together a program that would:

  • address the desire to go somewhere;
  • be affordable to all members regardless of means;
  • enable shut-ins to meet and engage with others;
  • provide exposure to Nova Scotia’s offerings, and
  • allow folks to just relax and enjoy themselves.

These trips are tremendously popular and the charter motorcoach books up quickly. Details for each year’s outing will be published on our website and in our newsletter once arrangements have been finalized.


When: Annually each summer

Where: Varying locations

Cost: Participants do contribute financially to each outing, within their means, however the program is heavily subsidized by the Association through a budget specifically approved by the membership each year at the Annual General Meeting.

Registration: Email excursions@bayseniors.ca or call the Seniors’ office at 902-820-3334
If you have a suggestion for an excursion, drop us an email or stop by and see us at the Community Enterprise Centre!

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

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