Maintenance & Safety

Seniors Home Maintenance Program

The Seniors Association of St. Margaret’s Bay is partnering with several other community organizations to assist local seniors with finding solutions to home maintenance needs. Click here for more information.

Access the Home Maintenance Directory here.

Home Adaptations for Seniors’ Independence
Housing Nova Scotia offers a program to help homeowners pay for home adaptations so seniors with low incomes can stay in their homes independently for longer periods of time.
Senior Citizens Assistance Program

Housing Nova Scotia offers a program to provide assistance to senior homeowners (age 65+) who would like to remain in their own homes, but cannot afford necessary repairs. The funding covers repairs that are a threat to health and safety, which includes repairs to roofing, plumbing and heating. Cosmetic repairs are not covered.

Homeowner Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP)

Housing Nova Scotia offers a program to provide financial assistance to people who own and occupy homes that do not meet minimum levels of health and safety.

HomeWarming offers no-charge energy assessments and home upgrades to eligible Nova Scotians. Brought to you by the Clean Foundation, Efficiency NS, NS Power, and the Government of NS.
HRM Seniors’ Home Safety Program
The Halifax Regional Police Seniors Safety Program offers support and advice through home visits and community presentations to help keep seniors safe in their homes.
HRM Property Tax Rebate Program
Homeowners in Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) may be eligible for a property tax rebate or deferral of property taxes. The amount of rebate available depends on household income and property taxes paid. Information about the rebate and application details are available online. Application forms and information are also available from volunteers at the Seniors Information Centre.
CAP Assessment Program
In Nova Scotia there is Provincial Legislation that places a ‘cap’ on the amount that residential property assessments can increase year over year. Usually the amount ‘capped’ is based on the percentage change in Nova Scotia Consumer Price Index. If you are eligible for the CAP your property notice will reflect a Capped Assessment. Visit the PVSC website for more information.
Snow Removal
  • HRM Snow Removal for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities Program – Available to seniors 65 years of age or older and persons with disabilities in HRM.
    • The program applies to residential properties only (NOT for landlords).
    • You must reside in a single dwelling home that you own or rent.
    • Total gross household income of all people living on the premises must not exceed $30,000.
    • The program offers assistance to clear snow from steps, walkways and sidewalks. This includes: Front and back steps; Walkways; and, Access to fuel tanks.
    • Residents who qualify and need snow removal should contact 311 or 423-9709 Ext. 228 (John Meagher, YMCA).
  • Residents who are Supportive Care clients of the NS Department of Health’s Continuing Care Program may be eligible for cost reimbursement for snow removal service. Call 902-424-7233.
  • Canadian Veterans may qualify for snow removal services. Call 1-866-522-2122.
  • Local students may be available for snow removal. Please call the Seniors Information Centre at 902-820-3334.
Garage Safety

Accessibility & Renovations

CMHC Accessible & Adaptable Housing
Accessible and adaptable housing enables people of all ages and abilities to stay in their community as long as possible. Click to go to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation webpage on Accessible & Adaptable Housing.
Disabled Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program
Financial assistance to modify rented or owned dwellings to accommodate persons with disabilities. Visit Housing Nova Scotia for more information.
Access-A-Home Program
Wheelchair access – Financial assistance to adapt your home for wheelchair use. Visit Housing Nova Scotia for more information.
Parent Apartment Program
Loan program for additions or renovations to accommodate senior family members. Visit Housing Nova Scotia for more information.
Installation & Remodeling

Seniors Friendly Housing

Public Housing for Seniors
Housing Nova Scotia offers a program to provide affordable rental housing to seniors (age 58 and older) with low incomes. Rent is determined by your annual income.
Continuing Care

For more information about moving to Long Term Care and information for Caregivers, visit our Health page.

Seniors Housing Research

Nova Scotia Centre on Aging at MSVU

Nova Scotia Centre on Aging (NSCA) is a university based research centre that conducts applied research on age-related issues. Their mission is to advance knowledge on aging to inform social policy and practice and enhance the quality of life of older people and their families. Their values include: collaboration with others, inter- and trans- disciplinary focus, excellence in our research, engagement with multiple and diverse voices.

The research project entitled, Projecting the Housing Needs of Aging Atlantic Canadians, was based at Mount Saint Vincent University (2005-2011) and examined the housing needs and choices, both existing and emerging, of our aging population, then developed policy recommendations on how these needs can be better met in the future. Dr. Janice Keefe was one of the co-investigators on this project.

Part of the project involved reviews of relevant seniors housing projects, which have been summarized in the following YouTube videos prepared by Donald Shiner, Ph.D. :

Glacier Circle Case Study, Davis, CA

Abbeyfield House, St. Peter’s Society Case Study, Victoria, BC

Hartrigg Oaks Case Study, New Earswick, England

The Village Concept Case Study

Lillevang Case Study, Lillevangett, Denmark

Housing Insecurity Among Older Low Income Women in HRM

MSVU student, Kelly O’Neil, spoke at a 2018 Bay Seniors meeting about her thesis research on housing insecurity among older low income women in HRM.

To make this research accessible to the community, Kelly produced an illustrated summary of her key findings. Click to view the illustrated summary.

Access-A-Home Program
Wheelchair access – Financial assistance to adapt your home for wheelchair use. Visit Housing Nova Scotia for more information.
Seniors Association Housing Research
The Seniors Association of St. Margaret’s Bay has a volunteer outreach and research program that is involved with understanding the housing and related needs of seniors including current options, supporting services, and future requirements. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us.

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