Established in 2009, the Seniors Association of St. Margaret’s Bay (Bay Seniors) is a not-for-profit registered society whose purpose is to provide housing and accommodation for seniors; to research and represent the interests of seniors living in the greater St. Margaret’s Bay area; and to promote and participate in the development of wellness living for seniors in the area.

Recent News

Looking for the Local Services Directory? It has a new home on the official website for St. Margaret’s Bay!

Upcoming Events

October Meeting – Recycling with Loren Horwich

Date: October 17, 2019

Time: 14:00-16:00

Location: Shining Waters Marina

Loren (Local Waste Educator at Divert NS) will be giving an overview of the Waste Management System in HRM. She will give an explanation of “what goes where” to properly sort waste and give insights into the facilities and recycling products made in Nova Scotia. Bring in any small items you may have questions as to recycle or not!

Unit 1 – 5229 St. Margaret’s Bay Road
Upper Tantallon, NS
B3Z 4R9
(Located inside the SMB Community Enterprise Centre)

(902) 820-3334


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