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Established in 2009 the Seniors Association of St. Margaret’s Bay is a not for profit registered society whose purpose is to help seniors in the St. Margaret’s Bay area realize their retirement dreams, maintain control over their lives and to present opportunities for sharing their skills and experience.  Bay Seniors is inclusive, helps local seniors participate in social, community and wellness activities and has a long term goal to assist in finding accommodation in our area.

The findings from a number of public meetings and surveys have identified the following key areas of concern to seniors living in the area:

  • To identify programs and services to assist people to live comfortably and safely in their own homes;
  • The need for well priced rental accommodation designed for seniors;
  • To enhance and expand programs both for ‘in home’ delivery and in a residential care setting.

The Seniors Association of St. Margaret’s Bay works with community groups and other organizations to serve the interests of everyone within our Bay area. Residents of the St. Margaret’s Bay area live in a “community of communities” – each with its own heritage and network of neighbours. This diversity makes for challenges to identify and meet seniors’ needs. We serve long time residents of the area, and those who have relocated to enjoy a retirement and lifestyle unique to the Bay, and reach out to those who may not come forward.

Vision, Mission and Objectives


To reach and engage the seniors of St. Margaret’s Bay area, to assist them with their needs, and to enrich their lives.


A secure, healthy, happy, vibrant and enlightened seniors community in the St. Margaret’s Bay area.


To help seniors realize their retirement dreams, maintain control over their lives, and to present opportunities for sharing their skills and experience.


To present options for housing and accommodation for Seniors; To research and represent the interests of Seniors living in the St. Margaret’s Bay area; To promote and participate in the development of wellness living for Seniors in the area.

Programs and Activities

Since 2009, the Association has provided many programs and activities related to its primary objectives to improve: Seniors Health & Wellness, Housing, and Living.
These programs, activities, events and other ongoing initiatives are conducted for the benefit of its Members and residents of the St. Margaret’s Bay area, and produced by our many volunteers.

Programs and Activities provided by Bay Seniors include:

Seniors Information Centre 902-820-3334
Open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00am – 2:00pm Sept. to May (10am to Noon for July and August) – located inside the Community Enterprise Centre and offers numerous resources for seniors and their families, including:
• Find government programs and services that help seniors save money and live safely in their own home
• Find contact information for local trades people and service providers who work in the Bay area

Website and Facebook
The Seniors Association website, www.bayseniors.ca provides:
• Details of events, activities, and projects;
• Programs and services for seniors and their families;
• Information about seniors’ health, housing, finances, etc;
• Local Services Directory of service providers and trades people who serve the St. Margaret’s Bay area.
• Join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bayseniors to stay up to date on news and activities

The Association’s monthly e-newsletter is available online, by email, paper copies locally and by postal mail on request. The monthly newsletter provides news of interest to seniors, identifies relevant government and community resources, and informs members upcoming events and Seniors Association activities.

Monthly Meetings
Our monthly gatherings are an opportunity to hear from, and talk with, experts who work with seniors and their families, as well as speakers on a wide variety of topics from gardening to healthy eating, housing to remembering the past. The meetings are free, and a great way to meet others and make new friends. We have the occasional potluck and parties. Meetings are typically held on the third Thursday of the month, at Shining Water Marina (unless otherwise noted)

Tai Chi and Low-Impact Aerobics Classes
Beginner and Intermediate, 8-week Tai Chi classes for members, held on Mondays. Drop-in style aerobics classes – Wednesdays and Fridays.

Grocery Bus
Weekly trips to local grocery stores for St. Margaret’s Bay seniors. Participants are picked up at their homes and delivered to a local grocery store. The Seniors Association pays for the grocery bus service and provides volunteers who help participants purchase their groceries. Social time with tea and snacks is included. Participants are delivered back to their home. Transportation is co-funded and provided by BayRides.

Neighbours Helping Neighbours
Supporting our community by meeting the various needs of local seniors.

Excursions for Members
Group tours to Nova Scotia’s special places, primarily during the summer months.

Special Projects
• Educational programs for volunteer leadership and development;
• Facilitating affordable and sustainable housing for seniors;
• Demographic research, outreach and advocacy initiatives for seniors;
• Annual Bay Expo of products and services of interest to seniors and other residents of the Bay area.

The following Programs and Activities were initiated by, and/or receive support from Bay Seniors:

The St. Margaret’s Bay Housing Coalition
Organized to develop affordable multi-generational housing for seniors and those in need in the St. Margaret’s Bay area.

Community Enterprise Centre
The new Community Enterprise Centre (CEC) is a gathering place for seniors and community members, a networking and office space for local non-profit organizations and home-based businesses. The CEC is located at 5229 St. Margaret’s Bay Road and is open 8:30-4:30 Monday to Friday.

Bay Rides
BayRides provides door-to-door transportation throughout the community at affordable rates. Call 902-820-6600 to book a ride.

Bay Treasure Chest
The Bay Treasure Chest is a weekly 50/50 Toonie draw. Many Seniors Association volunteers help with the weekly BTC draws and support activities. The net proceeds raised from each draw support a wide variety of community organizations, including the Seniors Association.

Directors, Officers and Staff

Board of Directors 2019-2020

Carl Breckenridge
Fred Dolbel
Keith Innis
Michelle MacLean
Yvon Madore
Rowena Morrison
Melan Sapp
Heather Thompson
Rebecca Weickert

Recording Secretary – Nancy LaPaix


President – Rebecca Weickert
Vice President – Fred Dolbel
Secretary – Heather Thompson
CFO – Melan Sapp


Communications – Sharon Jessup Joyce

Former Directors and Officers

2009-2019   Director, President – Doug Poulton
2009-2016   Director, Treasurer, President – Heather Cochrane
2009-2016   Director – John McKee
2009-2013   Vice President – Carol Evans
2009-2013   Vice President – Joan Murray
2009-2012   Secretary, Treasurer – Fred Dolbel
2011-2014   Director, Secretary – Ed Bottrell
2013   Vice President – Loretta Walker
2013   Director – Peter Lund
2014   Director – Jane Bureau
2014   Director – Bob Angus
2014-2016   Director, Vice President – René Lavoie
2016-2017   Director – Bill Brooks, Elaine Brooks
2019-2020   Director – Donna Mattholie

By-Laws and Memorandum

Click here to view or download the Seniors Association By-Laws and Memorandum of Association.

"We help seniors realize their retirement dreams, maintain control over their lives and present opportunities for skill sharing.” -Bay Seniors

Unit 1 – 5229 St. Margaret’s Bay Road
Upper Tantallon, NS
B3Z 4R9
(Located inside the SMB Community Enterprise Centre)

(902) 820-3334


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