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Established in 2009, the Seniors Association of St. Margaret’s Bay (Bay Seniors) is a registered charity whose purpose is to help seniors in the St. Margaret’s Bay area realize their retirement dreams, maintain control over their lives and  present opportunities for sharing their skills and experience.  Bay Seniors is inclusive, helps local seniors participate in social, community, and wellness activities, and has a long-term goal to assist in finding accommodation in our area.

The findings from a number of public meetings and surveys have identified the following key areas of concern to seniors living in the area:

  • To identify programs and services to assist people to live comfortably and safely in their own homes;
  • The need for well priced rental accommodation designed for seniors;
  • To enhance and expand programs both for home delivery and residential care settings.

The Seniors Association of St. Margaret’s Bay works with community groups and other organizations to serve the interests of everyone in our St. Margaret’s Bay area. Residents of this area live in a “community of communities,” each with its own heritage and network of neighbours. This diversity makes for challenges to identify and meet seniors’ needs. We serve long-time residents of the area, and those who have relocated to enjoy a retirement and lifestyle unique to the Bay.

Vision, Mission and Objectives


To reach and engage the seniors of St. Margaret’s Bay area, to assist them with their needs, and to enrich their lives.


A secure, healthy, happy, vibrant and enlightened seniors community in the St. Margaret’s Bay area.


To help seniors realize their retirement dreams, maintain control over their lives, and to present opportunities for sharing their skills and experience.


To present options for housing and accommodation for Seniors; To research and represent the interests of Seniors living in the St. Margaret’s Bay area; To promote and participate in the development of wellness living for Seniors in the area.

Programs and Activities

Since 2009, the Association has provided many programs and activities related to its primary objectives to improve: Seniors Health & Wellness, Housing, and Living.

These programs, activities, events and other ongoing initiatives are conducted for the benefit of its Members and residents of the St. Margaret’s Bay area, and produced by our many volunteers.

Programs and Activities provided by Bay Seniors include:

Seniors Information Centre
Located inside the St. Margaret’s Bay Community Enterprise Centre at 5229 St. Margaret’s Bay Road, Upper Tantallon, the centre offers numerous resources for seniors and their families. The centre is staffed Tuesday and Thursday, 10am – 2pm, September to June, and 11am to 1pm in July and August. Call 902-820-3334.

Website and Facebook
The Bay Seniors website provides:

  • Local Services Directory of service providers and tradespeople who serve the St. Margaret’s Bay area.
  • Local Service Directory of healthcare providers who serve the St. Margaret’s Bay Area.

The Bay Seniors Facebook page has news and updates on association activities, and is also a fun place for members to meet virtually. 

Twice-Monthly Newsletters
The twice-monthly Bay Seniors e-newsletter is available electronically. A paper version is mailed to members without email. The newsletter shares members’ stories, provides news of interest to seniors, identifies relevant government and community resources, keeps members informed of Bay Seniors’ activities.

Monthly Members’ Meetings
Bay Seniors holds monthly members’ meetings from September to June, offering presentations on various topics, from seniors’ wellness to gardening, healthy eating to affordable housing, and much more. The meetings are social events that occasionally involve festivities such as potlucks and parties. Meetings are typically held on the third Thursday of the month, at the St. Margaret Sailing Club, 5 Foxberry Hill Rd, Glen Haven, unless otherwise noted.

Seniors Fitness Classes
Bay Seniors offers three aerobics classes at the Melissa Connick School of Dance (corner of St. Margaret’s Bay and Hammonds Plains roads): Chair aerobics on Mondays at 10:00am; Seniors Aerobics on Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:00am, and other fitness classes as announced in our newsletters. Space is limited, so please request registration in advance at fitness@bayseniors.ca.  A $2/session fee is payable at entrance.  

There is also a weekly Bay Seniors Nordic Walking Group, which meets for a one-hour walk on the St. Margaret’s Bay Area Trail every Thursday morning. More information on that group is available in our newsletters.

Tuesday Drop-In Program at Black Point Community Centre
In partnership with the Black Point and Area Community Centre, Bay Seniors hosts a Drop-in Program each Tuesday from 10 am to noon, and pickleball from 1-3pm.  Morning activities include rug-hooking, knitting, cards, games, darts, indoor lap walking, coffee/tea, and socializing. There are also regularly scheduled workshops at the Drop-in Program, with participants able to try their hand at card-making, acrylic painting, jewellery-making, and other crafts. There is no charge for Drop-in Program activities, including workshops (though spaces in workshops must be reserved in advance).

Drop-in pickleball games are held in the afternoon, 1-3pm (there is a $2 fee for pickleball).

Sewing Group
Bay Seniors sewing volunteers create beautiful hand-sewn items, which have included tote bags, face masks and quilted placemats. Group members are provided with materials and instructions, and work at home at their own pace on their own machines. 

Home Maintenance Program
Bay Seniors, in partnership with other organizations, has a program to assist local seniors to find solutions to their home maintenance needs.  The program includes four components: 

1) Community Help Groups, neighbours volunteering to help each other with minor tasks,
2) Accessing Government Funding, assistance applying for government funding available for home improvements,
3) Home Repair Assistance, provided by Helping Hands St. Margaret’s to those in financial need,
4) Local Service Directory, a listing of local tradespeople available to provide needed services.  

Contact homemaintenance@bayseniors.ca for more information.

Tablets for Seniors
Bay Seniors, in partnership with volunteer high school students, offers help for seniors who want to become more comfortable using computers, tablets and phones to access online programs and stay connected (via Facebook, email, etc.) with friends and loved ones.  

Saturday Sparkle
Bay Seniors sells donated jewellery quarterly on its Facebook page and at selected Bay Seniors and community events. All proceeds go to the St. Margaret’s Bay Food Bank, and donations of jewellery in excellent to mint condition are always welcome. 

Partner Orgnizations

The Seniors Association actively partners with local not-for-profit organizations in supporting seniors and others in the St. Margaret’s Bay area.  Important partners include:

The St. Margaret’s Bay Housing Coalition, working to develop affordable, sustainable housing for seniors and youth in the area.

The St. Margaret’s Bay Community Enterprise Centre, a networking, activity, and office space for local nonprofit organizations and home-based businesses, 5229 St. Margaret’s Bay Road, weekdays, 9-4. www.smbcec.org

BayRides, providing door-to-door transportation throughout the community at affordable rates. Call 902-820-6600 to book a ride. www.bayrides.ca

Bay Treasure Chest, a weekly 50/50 toonie draw. Net proceeds raised support a variety of community organizations, including Bay Seniors, and provide scholarships to local high school students. www.BayTreasureChest.ca

Support for Programs & Activities

The programs and activities offered by Bay Seniors are supported through funding received from a number of sources, including the Bay Treasure Chest, the Chebucto Community Health Board, membership dues ($10/person/year), and a variety of special grants secured from federal, provincial, and municipal government sources.

Bay Seniors is a completely volunteer-run organization, and its greatest resources are the many volunteers who enable us to provide programs and services to our members and to the broader community.

Directors and Officers

Board of Directors 2023-2024

Board of Directors

INNES, Keith


President – Pat Rodee
Vice-President – Heather Thompson
Chief Financial Officer – Fred Dolbel
Secretary – Nancy LaPaix

By-Laws and Memorandum of Association

Click here to view or download our By-Laws and Memorandum of Association.

Unit 1 – 5229 St. Margaret’s Bay Road
Upper Tantallon, NS
B3Z 4R9
(Located inside the SMB Community Enterprise Centre)

(902) 820-3334


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