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3 reviews
  • Sue

    We’re so happy we found Matt! Our air exchanger died and we needed to have it replaced. I contacted Matt, who was away on vacation at the time, but he kept in constant contact with me until his return. He put together a price (his estimate was actually higher than the final cost!!) and we set a date. I sent a number of emails with questions, and he always responded promptly. We have had problems in the past with contractors actually showing up to do the job they’re hired for, but Matt was here on time and ready to get to work. He is kind, respectful, conscientious and serious about his work. He did a great job and cleaned up the site afterwards. I wouldn’t hesitate to use his services again, and highly recommend him.

  • Fred Listing Owner

    We experienced a seriously plugged toilet at our office. I called Matt and he was ready to come and help us after looking after his next customer. Luckily we cleared our toilet, but we knew something was still not right.

    Matt called us back to see how we were coping. I told him our symptoms and he diagnosed our issue OVER THE PHONE as likely an overfull septic tank. Mike did not get any business from our call, but he sure put us on the right path and saved unnecessary work and expense for us. VERY thankful for a knowledgeable good person!

  • Ann

    I contacted Matt Bonin about a water leakage and bad odour in my kitchen. At that time, he asked several questions, and asked for photographs of under the sink. He responded quickly to my questions and we arranged for him to be at my place the next day.

    Matt arrived promptly and was fully equipped to solve my problem. He’s fast and efficient, polite and pleasant. I’ve already lined him up for a couple of other plumbing jobs.

    Thanks Matt. It was a pleasure meeting you.

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