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This page showcases our past events and speakers. Our events and free public meetings have been a great success, and have conveyed a variety of valuable information to many participants as well as offering an opportunity to build personal acquaintances. The speakers and event leaders have given their time and talent to hundreds of people since we began the series. Thank you all!

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Shining Waters marine

Thank you to our sponsor Shining Waters Marine for providing the venue and services for our Speakers Series.

Thank you to the following venues for providing meeting space in the past:

The Black Point Fire Hall
Sobeys, Upper Tantallon
St. Margaret Sailing Club
Atlantic Superstore, Upper Tantallon
St. Luke’s Church

2012-2014 Past Events (Photos by Neil Everton, Fred Dolbel, Ed Bottrell and others)

Thursday, December 11, 2014 at Shining Waters Marine
2014 Holiday Event


Thursday, November 20, 2014 at Shining Waters Marine
Peter Coade


Thursday, October 25, 2014 at Hatfield Farm
Seniors Association Volunteers Outing


Thursday, October 23, 2014 at Shining Waters Marine
Margaret Guildford: WWII Army Nurse


Thursday, September 18, 2014 at Shining Waters Marine
Potluck Luncheon and You Gotta Sing Choir


Thursday, June 19, 2014 at Shining Waters Marine
Ms. Annis Jones, Member and Former Director of Speakers Series

SASMB Monthly Meeting SASMB Monthly Meeting

Ms. Annis Jones, Member and former Director of our Speakers Series, talked about her experiences with social networking in the SMB area.


Thursday, May 15, 2014 at Shining Waters Marine
Mr. Faisal Nanji, Acting CEO, NS Department of Seniors

Faisal Nanji and Doug PoultonMr. Nanji, the Acting CEO of The department of Seniors of the Nova Scotia Government, outlined the programs and services offered by the provincial government for seniors and their families. His topics included: Nova Scotia demographics; Information about the Department of Seniors; Government programs that assist seniors and their families; Navigating the Nova Scotia Government; and, other resources for seniors.

The Positive Aging 2014 Directory was made available to the members – additional copies are available at the Information Centre or online.

Mr. Nanji noted that by dialing 211 or visiting www.ns211.ca online, people can search for information on: Financial and social assistance: Housing and utility help: Food assistance and meal programs: Seniors’ services and home care: Parenting and family programs: Government program assistance; Disability support services: Volunteer organizations; Newcomer services; Mental health support; and, much more. He also mentioned the Seniors Association Local Services Directory and Information Centre as valuable sources of information.

Dan Rudisuela, Royal Bank & Anthony Fielding, Bluenose Accounting

Thursday, April 17, 2014 at Shining Waters Marine
Mr. Dan Rudisuela, RBC and Mr. Anthony Fielding, Bluenose Accounting

Dan Rudisuela, Royal Bank & Anthony Fielding

April 17th’s talk on “Saving on Tax and Investing wisely in Retirement” brought a good turnout, including many new visitors, who heard Mr. Dan Rudisuela of the Royal Bank and Mr. Anthony Fielding of Bluenose Accounting outline a wide variety of tax-minimizing opportunities and investment strategies that help seniors keep more of their retirement income.


Both speakers answered many questions from the audience and addressed the investment and tax aspects of 10-strategies:

Seniors Association Audience

  1. Spousal RRSPs
  2. Tax-preferred investment income
  3. Asset withdrawal order
  4. Pension income splitting
  5. CPP sharing
  6. Spousal loans
  7. Effective use of surplus cash
  8. Life annuity
  9. Minimum RRIF withdrawal planning
  10. Create a cohesive strategy for your wealth

A key message from both speakers is that every individual and family circumstances are unique, and that proper tax and investment strategies should involve professionals. More information is available in their presentation, which you can review on our website at your leisure.

Jerry Walsh, Distinctive Garden Accents

Jerry Walsh, Distinctive Garden Accents


Following the Tax and Investment presentation, Mr. Jerry Walsh talked about his retirement hobby/business Distinctive Garden Accents, and showed some of his work with bird houses and outdoor artwork using driftwood.


Thursday, March 20, 2014 at Shining Waters Marine
Ms. Kara Gouthro-Murgatroyd, Education and Support Services Coordinator, The Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia


Kara Gouthro-Murgatroyd

Ms. Kara Gouthro-Murgatroyd presented “Let’s Talk: A Discussion About Dementia” to an audience of over 50. She answered many questions from the audience and provided a thorough overview of a number of topics including:

  • The differences between normal aging and dementia;
  • What is Alzheimer’s disease?;
  • Recognizing the symptoms;
  • The Importance of early diagnosis;
  • Preparing for a Doctor’s visit; and,
  • How to reduce the risks.

After the presentation, Kara and Barbara Mulrooney facilitated a discussion about forming a local SMB Dementia Caregiver Support Group. If you are interested in joining a Dementia Caregiver Support Group, please give our Seniors Information Centre a call at 902-820-3344 (Open Tues & Thurs, 10-2) or email InformationCentre@BaySeniors.ca

The presentation was followed by the Seniors Association of St. Margaret’s Bay Annual General Meeting.

Seniors Association of St. Margaret's Bay Meeting

Thursday, February 20, 2014 at Shining Waters Marine
Ms. Jessica Scott, Energy Solutions Advisor, Efficiency Nova Scotia

“What Efficiency Nova Scotia can do for you” was presented by Ms. Jessica Scott, Energy Solutions Advisor, to an interested audience with many questions. Efficiency Nova Scotia is a non-profit organization, funded by the NS Power rate payers, that provides guidance, advice, financial rebates, and other related services. The energy efficiency business in NS involves over 1,200 jobs and is estimated to be saving over $68 million per year.

Ms. Jessica Scott, Efficiency Nova Scotia

The focus of the discussion was how we can reduce our energy consumption in the home, which saves money, and helps the local economy and environment. Key steps include:

  • Turn down water temperature to 120° F
  • Use programmable thermostats
  • Clean refrigerator coils and furnace filters regularly
  • Ensure all new appliances are Energy Star compliant
  • Change lighting to CFL or LED
  • Insulate (electrical) hot water tank and pipes
  • Utilize faucet aerators and other low-flow devices
  • Ensure good seals (caulking) around doors & windows
  • Turn off ‘stand-by power’ devices when not in use
  • Ensure good basement, attic, and exterior wall insulation

Ms. Scott also described the Residential Programs available from Efficiency NS and its partners that are described further in their literature and on their website including: Home Energy Report; Product Installation Service; Appliance Retirement; Home Energy Assessments; Find a Contractor; New Home Construction; Home Heating Solutions; Financing; and Product Rebates.

Thursday, January 16, 2014 at Shining Waters Marine
Cookbook Potluck Luncheon

SMB Seniors Potluck Luncheon

The Seniors Association served a potluck lunch based on our recently published cookbook, “A Matter of Taste”.

Over 40 Members and Friends attended and thoroughly enjoyed many of the recipes in the Cookbook. Becky Weickert (picture on the left) planned and managed the Potluck Luncheon, which involved over 20-cooks (picture below).

The Cookbook fund raising project, under the direction of Maryvonne Walsh, has been a huge success with over 400-copies sold to date, including over 80 sold by Shopper’s Drug Mart. Many thanks to Joan Murray and Maryvonne who did most of the work developing and marketing the Cookbook, to President Doug Poulton who rounded up the advertisers and sponsors, and to many others who provided support for the Project.

SMB Seniors Potluck Luncheon

Thursday, December 17, 2013 at Shining Waters Marine
2013 Holiday Social Event with the Bay Grannies

SMB Seniors Holiday Social EventSMB Seniors Holiday Social Event

Our third Holiday Social event had a good turnout despite the cold day. The room was full, and the audience especially enjoyed singing Christmas carols with the Bay Grandmothers. Seniors Association President Doug Poulton thanked all the Volunteers whose dedication and good work made the year so successful.

The Association sold cookbooks, and the Bay Grannies had handcrafted African Jewelry on sale. A 50/50 Draw and several free draws of gifts donated by local businesses spiced up the afternoon. Laughter punctuated Philip Welsh’s excellent reading of Dylan Thomas’ “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” as some in the audience were reminded of youthful Christmases past.

Non perishable foods were collected and delivered to the St. Margaret’s Food Bank, and everyone enjoyed the tasty baked treats.


Thursday, November 21, 2013 at Shining Waters Marine
Ms. Fran Dunn, Director of Operations, Breathing Space Yoga Studio


“Chair Yoga” was demonstrated by Ms. Fran Dunn, M.Ed., Director of Operations for the Breathing Space Yoga Studio with locations in Tantallon, Halifax, Bedford, Truro, and Windsor. Everyone followed Fran’s lead through a progression of gentle stretching and breathing movements that relaxed and stimulated every part of the body.

Local seniors who came for the yoga demonstration were able to receive their annual flu shot. Dr. J.P.T. Graham conducted the free Flu Shot Clinic for the Seniors Association.


Thursday, October 17, 2013 at Tantallon Superstore
Ms. Anne Marie Anderson, Loblaw Atlantic Dietitian

Nutrition Meeting

“What you eat the most – matters the most” was a key message of our speaker, Ms. Anne Marie Anderson, BSc.AHN (Applied Human Nutrition), PDt., Dietitian, Loblaw Atlantic. She also emphasized that knowing a few key nutrition norms helps greatly in interpreting food labeling and making better choices, and to recognize that packaged goods may understate serving size data vs. average consumption to make the food item appear healthier than it actually is.

The audience was very interested in the meaning of certain food labeling terms, and relieved to hear that moderation in choices and occasional treats are OK.

Helpful norms and other suggestions for people over 50 are:

  • Calorie intake per day: for women 1,500, and for men 1,800.
  • Fat intake per day: for women 50 grams and for men 70 g.
  • Protein intake per day: 1 g. of Protein per 1 kg. (2.2 lb.) of your body weight.
  • Sodium intake per day: 1,500 – 2,300 mg (about 1 tsp.)
  • Minimizing consumption of Saturated and Trans fats is helpful. Fats in our diet cause the liver to produce more undesirable cholesterol in our body – whereas cholesterol consumed in food is much less of a concern.
  • Eating fish twice a week is recommended. Oily fish such salmon, tuna, mackerel, etc. offer beneficial nutrients including Omega 3. Don’t eat white tuna more than once a week, but you can eat light tuna as often as desired.
  • Taking a daily supplement of 400 mg. or more of Vitamin D is beneficial.

Volunteer Appreciation

Thursday, September 19, 2013 at Shining Waters Marine
Volunteer Appreciation

There was a lot of lively chatter around the room before the meeting started as Members & Friends renewed acquaintances after the summer break. Heather Cochrane, Past President, talked about the purpose of the Seniors Association of SMB, and especially about housing and support for people to stay in their own homes and community.

President Doug Poulton thanked and presented Certificates to all the volunteers (Mr. Rick Peart and Doug shown in photo) who have helped the Association in many ways over the past 2 years. Volunteers were also given a choice of a fresh potted flower or herb plant (donated by Sobeys) as a token thank you gift.

Attendees were invited to look over the list of Volunteer Opportunities (also shown on the Volunteers webpage) the Association is working on, and talk with any of the project leaders in the room. A number of new volunteers offered to help on several projects. Afterwards, there was plenty of time for visiting – again the room was full of conversation and everyone had a good time.  Refreshments were served consisting of sandwiches, fruits & veggies, cookies provided by Superstore, and an excellent fruit punch by Loretta Walker.

Thursday, June 20, 2013 at Shining Waters Marine
Summer 2013 Tea & Treats

Paddy’s Head, NS – one of our many SMB CommunitiesPaddy's Head Nova Scotia

The Seniors Association celebrated the beginning of Summer 2013 with Tea & Treats at the beautiful Shining Waters Marina. The weather was glorious and the food decadently delicious. We were challenged and entertained by Elvira Walsh and her quiz about movie stars – the winners took home some priceless, 27-year old heritage ferns! We also heard about the new Medibus program in the area with more to come in the Fall; RCMP Constable Matthew Kingston, our new Community Policing officer stopped in to introduce himself; and, we had a short-course on Computer Tips & Techniques by Ed Bottrell with more to come at future meetings.

Speaker Series Program Director Annis Jones announced her ‘retirement’ at the end of the year, and the group gave her a round of applause and many thanks for a job well done!. Past President Heather Cochrane and President Doug Poulton made several announcements about future events including: The Building Community follow-up meeting June 26th; A BBQ fund raiser June 29th; Our Cookbook Launch at the Library in September; A Seniors Expo in October; and, our annual free flu shot clinic in November. We also learned that the Association has been awarded a grant from Chebucto West Community Health Board to continue our Tai Chi program this Fall – more from Program Director Rowena Morrison in the near future.

Thursday, May 16, 2013 at Shining Waters Marine
Mr. Rennie Smith, SMB Lions and Ms. Sharon Dykman, Lions Foundation of Canada

Seniors Association of St. Margaret's Bay - Lions

Rennie, a 26-year member of the SMB Lions Club and Charter King Lion (President), spoke about the world-wide significance and activities of the Lions. Founded in Chicago in 1917, Lions International has grown to over 46,000 clubs in 127 countries with over 1.7 million men, women, and youth (LEO Club) members, and a seat on the Board of the United Nations.

For decades, the Lions have been well- known for their commitments to eyesight including programs for combatting River Blindness in Africa, Re-cycled Eyeglasses, and capital projects for special eye-related medical equipment. Additionally, the Lions are committed to other major programs including: Support for major disasters world-wide; Measles and other vaccinations for kids; Summer camps –  Brigadoon and the new Camp Lion Maxwell for type 1 diabetic kids; Christmas Daddies; and, Capital projects for arenas, playgrounds, swimming pools, halls, etc. In SMB, the Lions are also noted for their medical equipment loan-out program through the Seventh Day Adventist Church Hall.

Sharon Dykman from the Lake Echo Lions Club has been an active member for over 31-years with many director roles including Chair, Lions Foundation of Canada and Director, NS Canine Vision Canada. Sharon spoke about the Lions commitment to training and providing working dogs for adults and kids needing help with vision, hearing, seizure, diabetic, and autism issues. SMB Lions have been notable in their contribution of 15- trained dogs since 1987, a significant fund-raising success story given the average cost per dog ranges from $6,000-12,000. The group also heard from Brenda about her very active life that would not be possible without her working dog Noble.

Photo (L to R): Annis Jones, Speakers Series Chair; Sharon Dykman; Brenda and Noble; Peter Lund, SMB Lions and Director, Seniors Association; and, Rennie Smith.

Thursday, April 18, 2013 at Shining Waters Marine
Mr. Blake Maybank, Naturalist and Photographer

Blake MaybankMr. Blake Maybank spoke about attracting and feeding wild birds to a good turnout of Members and Friends of the Seniors Association. He shared many insights from his decades of experience with wild birds around his home in White’s Lake, NS including the notion that wild birds do not need feeding (they’ve been fine for millions of years) but feeding them properly can be entertaining for all; however, feeding is not encouraged if you have outdoor cats.

Almost any type of store bought or home-made feeder will do (the birds just want the food), but few are squirrel-proof (Squirrel Buster is an exception) and it is important to keep the food dry and relatively fresh. Key food for wild birds includes:

  • Black Oil Sunflower Seeds (almost all the birds like this)
  • White Millet (Sparrows and Morning Doves)
  • Cracked Corn (good for many birds, ground feed for Pheasants, but squirrels like it too)
  • Niger Seed (expensive but preferred by Finches)
  • Suet Blocks (good for many birds especially Woodpeckers, Peanut Butter is popular)
  • Blake does not recommend Mixed Seed or Barley)
  • Safflower Seeds (for Cardinals only)
  • Fruit is good for Robins and Orioles, and Meal Worms (messy) for Robins

Birds love (clean) bird baths, even on the coldest days of Winter, if you can keep the water heated. Blake has seen over 125 species in his yard, and attracting some birds such as Chickadees will attract additional birds. He recommends the Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern NA. Blake will also help identify birds if contacted by email at bmaybank@gmail.com. His website is blakemaybank.com

Monday, March 11, 2013 at Shining Waters Marine
2012-2013 Seniors Association Tai Chi Class

The Association ran two very successful Taoist Tai Chi classes in 2012 and 2013. Many thanks to Mr. Paul Heale, Instructor, and to his three assistants Mses. Dawn Whitehead, Zofia Aue, and Anne Murray. Watch for more Tai Chi classes and activities in the Bay Area starting in September 2013.

Seniors Association of SMB Tai Chi Class Photo

Seniors Association - Hope for Wildlife

Thursday, February 21, 2013 at Shining Waters Marine
Ms. Hope Swinimer, Founder and Director, Hope for Wildlife Society

Seniors Association - Hope for Wildlife

Ms. Hope Swinimer and her Hope for Wildlife Society team delighted our St. Margaret’s Bay gathering with informative presentations, stories, and ‘hands-on’ experiences with their furry friends. The Hope for Wildlife Team for the afternoon included: Rebecca Michelin, Allison Dubé, Leigh Cull, and Elizabeth Alguire, as well as Marcel & Cinnamon, the Sugar Gliders; Cornelius the Corn Snake; Maxwell the Skunk; and, Oliver the Barred Owl.

Seniors Association - Hope for Wildlife Hope for Wildlife Society Speaker

Based in Seaforth, NS, the Society is busy year round, and from June to August invites visitors to their facilities for a unique wildlife experience. The Society is a registered charity and non-profit wildlife rehabilitation and education facility that specializes in the care, treatment and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned indigenous wildlife. Check out their website at: www.hopeforwildlife.net


Seniors Association of SMB speaker Zahra deMolitor

Thursday, January 17, 2013 at Shining Waters Marine
Ms. Zahra deMolitor, Pharmacist Owner, Shoppers Drug Mart

Ms. Zahra deMolitor, Pharmacist and Owner of the Shoppers Drug Mart in Upper Tantallon presented a very informative and timely talk on travelling with medications. Ms. deMolitor and her staff are well known to residents in the area, and she has generously donated the office space used by the Seniors Association. She answered many questions relevant for any traveler taking medications, and especially for seniors travelling to the USA.

Seniors Association of SMB speaker Zahra deMolitor

Key points included:

You can never bring too much documentation; Speak to your MD/PhC as soon as you know you are travelling; Always be over-prepared; Get immunized for flu and pneumonia!; and, Take precautions when travelling internationally. Click on the following title of her talk to view or download the presentation: “Travel, Medication and You”.

SMB Seniors Holiday Event

Thursday, December 13, 2012 at Shining Waters Marine
Holiday Cheer Event with the Bay Grannies

SMB Seniors Holiday Event

Over 65 people attended this event! Many thanks to Sobeys, Delish, Sutherland’s Jewellery, and Kettles and Care for their donations to the raffle (above), and also all the Members and friends who contributed to the raffle and the refreshment table. There was at least one very surprised winner, Dr. Elwood (below). The Seasonal music by the Bay Grannies Singers and solo by Elvira Welch were greatly appreciated by the group. We also collected over 100 lb. of food donations for the St. Margaret’s Bay Food Bank! The Holiday Cheer event was a fitting end to a very successful year of interesting and informative speakers.

SMB Seniors Holiday Event SMB Seniors Holiday Event

Seniors Association Speaker Barbara Adams

Thursday, November 15, 2012 at Shining Waters Marine
Ms. Barbara Adams, Physiotherapist and Clinical Director, PhysioCare at Home

SMB Speaker Barbara Adams and Annis Jones

Ms. Barbara Adams, Physiotherapist, presented and demonstrated her “Top 10 Tips for Staying Active” year round and especially during the winter months. She had many examples of simple tips and techniques that would make a difference for people of all ages. She also pointed out key indicators and signs of people who may need help such as difficulty with sit to stand movements, walking, and stretching. See her organization’s website at physiocareathome.com for more information about staying active and upcoming sessions for seniors and others in HRM.

Seniors Association of SMB Speakers Series

SMB Seniors CPR

Thursday, October 18, 2012 at Shining Waters Marine
Mr. Marcel Simard, First Aid, CPR, and AED Demonstration

SMB Srs CPRMr. Marcel Simard, a St. John Ambulance Instructor discussed and demonstrated life-saving first aid and CPR techniques to a large audience. His focus was on recognizing and dealing with heart attacks and strokes, including a thorough demonstration of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

The audience asked many questions, and had the opportunity to practice CPR on a practice dummy and using an AED device.


Seniors Association of SMB

Thursday, September 20, 2012 at Shining Waters Marine
Mr. Paul Heale, Taoist Tai Chi Demonstration

Taoist Tai Chi

Paul Heale, a Bay resident and Taoist Tai Chi Instructor, presented a brief history of Taoist Tai Chi from its beginnings as a martial art to the present form of exercise and meditation. He then demonstrated the first 18 moves (out of 108 possible) and answered many questions from an enthusiastic audience.

The Seniors Association is planning an 8-week introductory Taoist Tai Chi program for Members, with Paul as instructor, that will begin in October 2012.


SASMBThursday, June 21, 2012 at Shining Waters Marine
Ms. Barbara Peart, Local Historian and Author

Barbara thoroughly entertained the largest group ever to attend our Speakers’ Series with her “Tales of the Bay” and many photographs, paintings, and albums. The crowd was very appreciative and wants to have her back for a continuation of her touching and humorous stories and photos. It was a light-hearted social event with many tasty treats, lemonade, tea and coffee.


SMB Seniors Slips & Falls Presentation - J.Quigg PTThursday, May 17, 2012 at Shining Waters MarineSMB Seniors Speakers Series

Ms. Jennifer Quiqq, PT

Speaker Ms. Jennifer Quiqq, PT of St. Margaret’s Bay Physiotherapy talked about “The Dangers of Slips and Falls” and and the prevention of slips and falls in the home.


Click the image on the left to view and/or print Jennifer’s presentation (2-slides per page).


Thursday, April 19, 2012 at Shining Waters Marine
Mr. Marcel Maessen, Waste Resource Education Officer, HRM Solid Waste Resources

SMB Seniors Speaker Marcel Maessen
Speaker Marcel Maessen gave an enthusiastic presentation on the easy way to recycle household waste. Mr. Maessen works for HRM’s Solid Waste Resources, and has been an avid gardener and backyard composter for over 20 years.

The audience was surprised to find they were often doing “too much work” with home recycling – a quick swish with cold water and minimal handling of most containers is often enough to do the job well. “It’s OK to leave the lids on all containers – except for screw cap water and soft drink containers.”

Marcel focused on the resale values and energy savings that are realized from efficient sorting of used containers and packaging. Most metal, glass and plastic containers can be recycled for 4 to 7 times less cost than making a new container from scratch. Using his assortment of empty containers Marcel shared some key tips: “don’t stick different materials inside each other” (we can’t get them apart in a few seconds); “if the plastic wrap is noisy it’s garbage” and “when in doubt find out” – call HRM recycling at 902-490-4000 or visit www.halifax.ca/wrms/index.html  (contaminated plastic or paper reduces the value of the whole lot). SMB Seniors Speakers Series

Good recycling saves money, taxes and our environment.

“We don’t inherit the earth from our parents – we borrow it from our children.”

For additional information, click on the following You Tube links:

Thursday, March 22, 2012 at Shining Waters Marine
Ms. Trish LeClair BScN – Educator, Continuing Care Capital Health

NS Continuing Care
“Living at Home Longer”
was the subject of a free public information meeting that discussed the Home Care Programs of Capital Health. The meeting had the highest attendances to date, and was highly informative about the various programs provided by the N.S. Continuing Care program. Many questions were answered during the meeting, and more information is available in the Continuing Care presentation materials – click on the image to see the presentation.

SMB Seniors Speakers

SASMB Speaker - D.Young, VON

Thursday, February 16, 2012 at Shining Waters Marine
Denise Young, Manager, Community Support Service, VON

Our speaker was Denise Young, Manager, Community Support Services, VON who talked about the VON programs available in the Metro and St. Margaret’s Bay areas, and answered many questions from the audience.



Thursday, January 19, 2012 at Shining Waters Marine
Laura Ellis, Radiographic Technologist at Stadacona Hospital

Our speaker was Laura Ellis, a Radiographic Technologist at Stadacona Hospital, who presented a slide show entitled “60-days in the Canadian Military Hospital, Kandahar, Afghanistan”. She was asked a couple of years ago to go to the Military Hospital in Kandahar to help them set up and operate a CT machine. In the past, most x-rays were sent from Kandahar to Stadacona for evaluation. Laura spent some time training with the armed forces in Alberta before going over, and then spent 60 days in the Canadian Military Hospital in Kandahar. Her beautiful slides and narration presented the incredible stories of the place, the challenges, and the people and their roles.

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