Neighbours Helping Neighbours

Neighbours Helping Neighbours started out as an idea, that if neighbours were friendly with the people who lived near them, they would notice when a neighbour may need a little help. That help may be a friendly visit for a cup of tea, sharing some freshly baked goods or helping with snow removal from walkways. Expanding on this idea, Bay Seniors initiated activities to help foster a friendly neighbour network, including informal home visits, telephone tree and Book Club. Several of our members have also started an informal visiting program at Sheldrake Lodge and Seaside Rest. 

For seniors whose needs are greater than surrounding neighbours can meet- such as replacing light bulbs, changing washers on leaky taps and small home repairs- Bay Seniors works with the St. Margaret’s Bay Lions Club for support requests on a case-by-case basis. The Province of Nova Scotia also has a program called ‘Keeping Seniors in Their Homes’ which includes grants for home repairs. More information on government programs can be found on our Housing Resources page.

Female Neighbor Helping Senior Woman With Shopping

"And good neighbors make a huge difference in the quality of life. I agree.” -Robert Fulghum

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