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Avoiding Fraud

Little Black Book of ScamsThe Little Black Book of Scams is a publication of the Competition Bureau Canada. Click the image or title to download or view the 36-page (8.5MB) booklet. Contents include:

  • Lotteries, sweepstakes and contests
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Money transfer requests
  • Internet scams
  • Mobile phone scams
  • Health and medical scams
  • Emergency scams
  • Dating and romance scams
  • Charity scams
  • Job and employment scams
  • Small business scams
  • Service scams
  • Handy hints to protect yourself
  • What to do if you get scammed!

Canadian Snowbird Association

The Canadian Snowbird Association (CSA) is Canada’s official association dedicated to defending and improving the rights and privileges of all Canadian travellers. Check out their website for lots of travel information including:

Tips for Staying Active

Seniors Association Speaker Barbara Adams

In November 2012, Ms. Barbara Adams, Physiotherapist and Clinical Director, PhysioCare at Home, presented and demonstrated her year round and especially during the winter months.

She had many examples of simple tips and techniques that would make a difference for people of all ages. She also pointed out key indicators and signs of people who may need help such as difficulty with sit to stand movements, walking, and stretching.

Click on the following title to view or download the presentation: “Top 10 Tips for Staying Active”

Click on the following title to view or download the 2013 PhysioCare at Home Free Seniors Lectures schedule.

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Canadian Passport Information

The Harper Government is raising the fee for passports, new and renewal, effective July 1, 2013. Here are some helpful links:

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