Local Services Directory Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

[Q] What is the Local Service Directory?

It is a free listing on our website of local individuals and organizations that deliver services to residents of the St. Margaret’s Bay area.

Listings are typically updated every 6-weeks, and are not intended to promote temporary activities or events.

The Directory is provided and maintained free of charge by the Volunteers of the Seniors Information Centre of the Seniors Association of St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia.  We also provide information and assistance to people who call (820-3334) or walk-in to our Centre, which is located beside the old Pharmasave store in Upper Tantallon, NS.

[Q] Who will be in the Directory?

Any local business, community, social, recreational, public service, individual or religious organization that provides services, products, information or activities of interest to the residents of the St. Margaret’s Bay area.

[Q] Why have a separate Directory?

Many paper-based or online directories are not complete or list businesses from outside the local area, and some carry only paid-for listings or non-profit organizations. The Seniors Association Directory is free to all and will feature a comprehensive set of providers of services, goods, activities, and information of interest to local residents.

[Q] What area does the Directory cover?

It is intended for St. Margaret’s Bay area residents on the Aspotogan and Peggy’s Cove peninsulas – from Chester through to Timberlea and up the Hammonds Plains Road toward Bedford.

[Q] Will it cost me anything?

The service is free to all residents and is a free listing for local businesses. The Association covers the costs of the Directory through normal fund raising, and we provide opportunities for voluntary donations to help keep the service going.

[Q] Who is making this Directory?

The Directory is a volunteer project by the St. Margaret’s Bay Seniors Association – through our Seniors Information Centre

[Q] Why is this Directory being made?

Our Information Centre receives questions from seniors and local residents looking for a wide variety of local goods, services or activities that cannot be easily located from other sources.

[Q] Where can I see my Provider listing?

Please go to our webpage www.bayseniors.ca/local-services-directory and select the categories that apply to your type of product or service. If you don’t see your listing, try using the search at the top of the page.

We may not have your service or business listed yet.  [see How to submit or change a Provider listing below]

[Q] How do I submit or change a Provider listing?

Please click on the “Submit Your Provider Information Online” button at the top of our Local Services page: www.bayseniors.ca/local-services-directory. If this is not convenient, you can send us an email at Centre@BaySeniors.ca or Webmaster@BaySeniors.ca or call 902-820-3334.

[Q] I don’t want my listing in this Directory

We will be happy to remove your listing… please send us an email at Webmaster@BaySeniors.ca or call 902-820-3334.

[Q] What if my business information changes?

We plan to send out reminders every 6-months or so to Providers in the Directory to please check or update their listing. It is important that Providers have a private contact email address even if there is no public email address displayed.

[Q] I don’t have a website, but I have a pamphlet that describes my services

We may be able to provide your pamphlet to people who come to the Information Centre. Please email an electronic copy e.g. a .pdf or Word .doc to Centre@BaySeniors.ca

[Q] What if my organization has more than one type of service?

It is possible to arrange for multiple listings if your organization provides services in more than one Sector or Category. Please contact the Information Centre with your request.

[Q] How long does it take for my changes to appear on the website?

Normal updates and additions are usually made every 6-weeks; however, urgent or simple changes may be made within a few days. The most recent date of updates is included on the Local Services Directory web page.

[Q] Is there someone I can talk to further about my listing and this Directory?

Please send us an email to Centre@BaySeniors.ca or call 902-820-3334 with your request and we will get back to you.