Grocery Bus

In partnership with Bay Rides, Bay Seniors provides a weekly Grocery Bus Service. It’s a great service – and a great chance to be of service in our community. The Grocery Bus picks up shoppers on Tuesday mornings from communities as far apart as West Dover and Queensland, drives them to Sobeys or Superstore in Tantallon, then returns shoppers and their groceries back home.

This service has been running since September 2016, and provides an essential resource in our community. Those who don’t drive find it particularly helpful. Some have said it means they can continue to live in the Bay. Others say the service relieves their dependence on family, friends and neighbours. Those who have impairments are glad to have volunteers to help.

Any seniors residing in the area served by Bay Rides are encouraged to participate. The project alternates between Sobeys and Superstore, and both stores are offering coffee, tea and refreshment so that shoppers can rest and socialize when their shopping is done.


When: Tuesdays, 9:30AM-12:30PM

Where: Alternates weekly between Sobeys and Superstore in Tantallon. The bus will collect participants at their home and return them within a three hour period.

Cost: Cost is supplemented by Bay Seniors. The funding comes from Bay Treasure Chest. Shoppers have been asked to contribute, as they find manageable, a toonie each week.

  • Seniors, resident in the area covered by Bay Rides are eligible for a weekly grocery bus service.
  • A phone call will be made the day before to remind participants and to notify them of their pick-up time.
  • Volunteers will be in the grocery store to help with the shopping.
  • To register, please email or call the Seniors’ Centre at 902-820-3334. You may have to leave a message and have someone call you back. Calls received later than Thursday noon will expect to wait a week for their participation.
  • Booking changes or new bookings must be made BY PHONE to the St. Margaret’s Bay Seniors’ Association by noon on the Thursday: 902-820-3334. To cancel after Thursday, phone Bay Rides directly: 902-820-6600

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