Sponsors & Donors

We would like to thank all those individuals, businesses and organizations who have aided and supported our efforts thus far.  The Volunteers who have come forward and worked with us to develop the various programs; the Guest Speakers, and the individuals who have worked hard as part of the Steering Committee and the Board of Directors.  Together you have helped to build momentum for the SMB Seniors Association.



Our Association’s success is attributed to the work of Volunteers; be they Board Members, Committee Members, Information Centre or Speakers Series organizers, those who book the rooms and draft the ads and put up flyers, and those who host our meetings, advertise and support our events.  The hundreds of volunteer hours combined with seed funding provided by the Chebucto West Community Health Board, gifts in kind by community members and businesses make our work possible.  We are grateful for the support.

SASMB Donor Wall

Seniors Information and Outreach Centre:

A very special Thank You to Dr. Saunders and Shoppers Drug Mart whose generous donation of office space and other services was instrumental in allowing the Seniors Information Centre to open and serve our community.

Thank You to all the local businesses and individuals who donated valuable office furniture, equipment and supplies for the Information Office – all we had to do was ask.  Thank you to Patty King, the Mitchelmore family, Redmond’s Home Hardware, Dianne Regan, and many others ….

Funding  The Chebucto West Community Health Board`s (CWCHB) 2010 Community Development Fund, private donations and membership fees fund the Association.

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