2016 Annual General Meeting

The meeting was called to order by President Doug Poulton, who welcomed members and guests. Doug reviewed his report highlighting the events of the past year, and looking forward to all that is planned in the year to come.

The rest of the directors provided overviews of their reports for the membership’s adoption. Treasurer Melan Sapp, shared the Associations very favourable financial picture. The influx of Bay Treasure Chest funds to the organization has enabled the board to consult with membership to develop a comprehensive plan that includes many new programs, activities and offerings for members.

In addition to the reports, on motion was put forward to a vote. The motion was voted on and carried to reword by-law 25. This change with enable the board of directors to appoint members to Director positions and to replace directors who cease to serve, between the AGMs and restricts the term of the office for Board appointed Directors to the next AGM.

SASMB BoardA thank you went out to the serving board members for all of their hard work. Only Vice President, René Lavoie and Director John McKee did not re-offer. René encouraged members to consider extending their involvement from a participant to a volunteer in programming or as a board member.

Elections were held and Becky Weickert, Melan Sapp, Rowena Morrison, Fred Dolbel, Carol Evans, and Doug Poulton were all acclaimed to the board. Since the AGM, the board held a meeting and the director positions are filled as follows: President – Becky Weickert, Corporate Secretary & Seniors’ Housing – Carol Evans, Treasurer – Melan Sapp, Director of Community Relations & Past President – Doug Poulton, Director of Social Activities – Rowena Morrison, Director of the Information Centre & Sustainable Housing Liaison – Fred Dolbel.

2014 Annual General Meeting

A good year it was

The Association held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on March 20th, at Shining Waters. President Doug Poulton expressed his satisfaction over what he described a very productive and satisfying year.

To serve its members and to advance its goals, your Association runs a website, an Information Centre, and produces a monthly Newsletter. The BaySeniors.ca website has become the ‘go to’ website in St. Margaret’s Bay for information and contacts for our members and residents. The Information Centre receives requests for information from calls, emails, and walk-ins. It provides information and guidance on a variety of topics to seniors and their families, and to other residents of the Bay. The monthly Newsletter is available throughout the community and online.

The Association needs funds to deliver its programs and services. An outstanding success this year was our Cookbook Fundraiser. Five hundred copies were produced and are almost sold-out. Several other fundraisers have been held. The Bay Treasure Chest Community Fundraiser is a new fund raising initiative sponsored by five non-profit organizations operating in the Bay area, including the Seniors Association.

The Housing Committee has been investigating various options for seniors housing in St. Margaret’s Bay. They have interacted with HRM Planning and Development staff to include wording favorable to seniors housing in the draft development plan for the Crossroads area. The Association has a circle of 365 friends, followers and sympathizers. Of those, 67 had paid their dues for 2014 at the time of the AGM. The Association needs to receive more input from seniors, their families, and other Bay residents in order to mount and organize meaningful representation.

The Wellness and Living Committee has organized Monthly Speaker meetings that have been interesting, informative and well attended. Other events included a Pot Luck Lunch, Tai Chi classes, Movie & Games Nights, and a Bird Watching Walk.

The AGM accepted a Board proposal to amend its Memorandum of Association and By-Law. Amendments include a name change, an increase in the number of Directors, mandate clarifications, and procedures for meetings and quorum.

The Board of Directors for 2014-15 will be made of Doug Poulton, Rowena Morrison, John McKee, René Lavoie, Carol Evans and Bob Angus.


2011 Annual General Meeting


The Annual General Meeting of the Seniors Association of St. Margaret’s Bay was held on Thursday March 17, 2011 at 3:30 p.m. at Shining Waters Marine, 148 Nautical Way, Tantallon, Nova Scotia. Ordinary business of the Association included:

  • Annual report of the Directors
  • Financial report of the Association’s business
  • Discussion of the appointment of auditors
  • Election of Directors.

Seniors Information Centre

With the assistance of grant funding from the Chebucto West Community Health Board, the generous donation of office space by Dr. Saunders and donations from individuals and businesses, the SMB Seniors Information Centre opened in January 2011.  The Centre provides a community presence for the Association and serves to link us with seniors and their interests and concerns.

At present the Centre is open two days a week with a dedicated core of volunteers to answer enquiries.  With improving weather and community awareness the Centre has experienced an increase in visits.  Seniors are encouraged to drop in or call and share their concerns and ideas for the future.

In addition to the Information Centre the Association hosts a monthly Speakers Series.  We invite speakers who can address topics of interest to our community. The intent is to inform and provide a forum for seniors to have their questions answered.  We are very grateful to Shining Waters who have consistently and generously supported the Association by providing a social meeting spot where we can enjoy a coffee or tea in their beautiful venue. We are also very grateful to the speakers who have donated their time and expertise to participate in these sessions.

We have also had the opportunity to meet with other groups in the community to solicit their ideas and input, especially as it pertains to services needed or useful to seniors and planning for their future housing needs.  These conversations have been rewarding as people are passionate about this community and wanting to live here comfortably and indefinitely.

Senior’s Housing

We have not yet quantified the level of demand, but we sense that there is a growing desire for a variety of housing options.  The feedback has indicated a need for affordable rental properties for those who no longer wish to maintain their home property and who want the convenience of not having to deal with the landscaping and snow removal and the like.  There is also a need for Assisted Living; providing an innovative offering of services either delivered to a private residence or for those living in a purpose built multi unit complex .  It is also widely agreed we need for a Long Term Care facility so that older seniors will not have to relocate to the city or another region. In this vein the Association has made a concerted effort to initiate relationships with various levels of government and other suppliers to the elder health care sector.  Initiating and maintaining contact with government officials is important for us from two perspectives:

  • We want to ensure that they are aware of our community efforts on behalf of seniors; and,
  • We want to understand government’s vision for the future and the resources that they are intending to commit to that vision.

Our recent contacts include the Departments of Health and Community Services; and in particular the Continuing Care Division of Health and the Seniors Department. The philosophies of Aging in Place and Age Friendly Communities are very much in the forefront of government publications and planning. Our challenge will be to utilize and leverage government programs and resources to implement and achieve our objectives.

In addition to nurturing government relationships we have met with builders and developers, land owners, operators of similar type facilities and city and provincial planners and decision makers.  We have reviewed real estate for development and are looking now at an acquisition that would provide existing housing as well as future development opportunities.  The process is detailed and takes time.  Nonetheless we are making progress and will continue to work to deliver assets to the community.


In addition to our email mail list, telephone contacts, newspaper ads and flyers the Association is slated to launch its website this spring.  Mr. Colin Pettipas is a talented and generous website designer who has logged countless volunteer hours to develop a comprehensive Seniors Association of St. Margaret’s Bay website;  www.bayseniors.ca.

This website is a tool for the Seniors Information Centre and will allow seniors and their families to find valuable information about government services and programs, safety information and other items of interest.  As the Information Centre develops its list of Service Providers this information will also become available “24/7” via our website. The Homepage will be continuously updated to inform of the Association’s upcoming events and ongoing activities.

Conclusion We would like to thank all those individuals, businesses and organizations who have aided and supported our efforts thus far.  The Volunteers who have come forward and worked with us to develop the various programs; the Guest Speakers, and the individuals who have worked hard as part of the Steering Committee and the Board of Directors.  Together you have helped to build momentum for the SMB Seniors.

Heather M. Cochrane Chair, Seniors Association of St. Margaret’s Bay

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