Bay Seniors Friendly Neighbour Program offers free grocery and Rx delivery to eligible residents

The Seniors Association of St. Margaret’s Bay is ready to help community members who are presently not able to go out to get their groceries, medications and other pharmacy items because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Association is providing FREE delivery by carefully trained volunteers using the highest standards of safety. This service is available to other community members in addition to seniors, who live in the St. Margaret’s Bay region. Participants will be invoiced at 3 to 4 week intervals, so no cash changes hands and you do not need to have or use a credit card to access the service.

See more information below on geographic area served, eligibility, and safety protocols. And please share this information with others you think may need this help.

The Bay Seniors Friendly Neighbour Program
If you need someone to pick up your groceries,
pharmacy items or medications, we’ll help!

We’re happy to provide this service if you do not currently have someone who can deliver to you, and one or both of these situations apply:
  • You do not have access to transportation.
  • You are not leaving your home at this time.
Our Friendly Neighbour Program volunteers will:
  • Pick up and pay for groceries for you from Sobeys or the Superstore, using a list our volunteer will take from you over the telephone.
  • Deliver your groceries to your door. You will only be invoiced monthly for groceries purchased for you. The shopping and delivery services are offered at no cost to you.
  • Pick up and deliver your pre-ordered pre-paid prescriptions to your door if the service is not available from your pharmacy.
  • Pick up and deliver non-prescription pharmacy items. You will only be invoiced monthly for items purchased for you. The shopping and delivery services are offered at no cost to you.
Our volunteers:
  • Have been carefully screened.
  • Have been thoroughly trained in contact protocols by an expert in the field.
  • Use a full cleaning protocol for their hands, vehicles and other items with which they are in contact during the pick-up and delivery process.
  • Have a full cleaning kit, including gloves, wipes, sanitizer and disposal bags.
  • Will deliver your items using recommended physical distancing.

Because of very limited safe handling supplies (sanitizer, wipes, gloves) and limited funds to operate the program, we must restrict it to the geographic area bounded on the east by Highway 103 exit 4, west to Highway 103 exit 6, south to East Dover and north to Pockwock Road.

For more information or to set up a delivery, please call 902-221-8388 and leave a message.