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Community Search Tool

Search the Bay Seniors, Bay Housing, and Connecting Communities Websites

Use key words in the box below to do a special Google Search of the following resources:

  • Local Service Directory of 500+ providers of services to residents in the Bay area including:
    • Health & Home Care;
    • Trades & Maintenance;
    • Legal; Financial & Professional;
    • Public Safety, Government & Community Service Organizations;
    • Retail, Arts & Activities; and,
    • Food & Accommodations.
  • This Bay Seniors website that has 40+ webpages, 100+ documents, and 650+ pictures and videos of information for seniors, their families, and other residents of the Bay area;
  • Bay Housing website - a website started in 2015 that is devoted to accessible, affordable, and sustainable housing for younger and older generations; and,
  • Connecting Communities website that features current events and other items of interest to the people in the Bay area.

Search Tips and Techniques

  • Use correct spelling when possible; however upper/lower case should not matter.
  • Find similar key words by preceding a key word with a Tilde. For example, ~paint should also find painter, painting and draw.
  • Enclose multiple key words with double quotes to find an exact phrase.
  • In some cases, a search will show a document that has been removed or updated with a new name. If you get a 'missing page' message try one of the other search results.